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Life can be unpredictable and unfair at times. Left unattended, we become victims to these "unfair" circumstances. We get stuck and remain there for longer than we should. Everything that got us to the point of feeling stuck has accumulated overtime, yet we often expect the fix to happen overnight. I am not here to set unrealistic goals with you and promise results overnight. There's no quick fix! but the good news is, with the right mindset shift and the willingness to confront the underlining causes of the problem at hand, you can make progress.

I am here to hold space and facilitate the conversation you have been putting off with yourself. I will help you get started and identify what's really holding you back from making the progress you desire. You'll learn to set healthier habits for yourself and develop the discipline to follow through. I understand that your challenges are unique to your circumstances and there're many factors that contributed to getting you here. However, my role as your coach is to help you eliminate the victim mentality by helping you develop a growth mindset and dive deeper Into yourself, so you become the victor. I am here to steer you in the direction of your goal/s, encourage you and hold you accountable throughout the coaching process.

My Mission is to help you have a deep, positive and meaningful
relationship with yourself.

I can guide you to take what you've learned about yourself and
implement it to your everyday life so you can start living a life
that's aligned with your heart.

Your Role

The Client/Coach relationship only works when you are ready to be honest and open with yourself and with your coach. You have to be willing to explore and challenge your thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. This may involve looking at difficult and uncomfortable areas of your life to examine where the disconnect is coming from. Self- Discovery is a powerful tool for your personal growth and development, but it is only possible when you can SHOW UP fully to engage in the process. This is a collaborative effort and you play a central role by taking ownership of your journey.

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Coaching Packages


Three 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

One Accountability Call

One 30 Min Follow-Up Session


Six 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

Three Accountability Calls

Two 30 min Follow-Up Sessions


Ten 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

Five Accountability Calls

Five 30 Min Follow-Up Sessions


Frequently Asked Questions

Coaching is a forward-looking, growth-focused, analytical process that focuses on creating lasting and sustainable results.  This is done through investigating the ideas and stories we tell ourselves and perceive to be true but, in reality, may be holding us back from accomplishing our biggest goals.  The best part? You get to start from wherever you are today, right this minute.

Mindset coaching helps you to understand exactly how your brain is wired, how you can get off auto-pilot and get back in control, and the biggest myths that are holding you back. This process ultimately helps you to think OUTSIDE of your standard thought process to create new results in your life, and while working to accept your innate humanity by Discovering your authentic SELF.  

Coaching is not a therapy service.  Therapy tends to focus on the past, with healing old wounds and processing past experiences in order to understand why you are the way you are today.  If you are currently working with a therapist, you can still work with me as a coach and add to your empowering team! 

  • If you feel stuck, restless or uninspired but you know you were made for something greater
  • You look around your life and ask yourself “Is this really all there is?”
  • You have difficulty managing your emotions
  • You want to learn the science behind unlocking your full potential
  • You love to learn and be challenged!

As a coach, I expect you to be ready to rewrite your story from the ground up, and that can be scary because it means the story you’ve been telling yourself has self-imposed limitations. You are expected to be coachable, curious and ready to create something new. Get ready for transformation.

The only way to create a new reality is by thinking in new ways, letting go of the KNOWN and diving into the UNKNOWN. What got you here, won’t get you there. Lets do something new together!

Yes, I do! Please reach out to me and we can discuss.

I Stride With You.

Let's create a life filled with joy.

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