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Hello Strider,

A little more about me...

My name is Eyerus, and I am the founder of Eyestride. A space dedicated to helping women find their way back to themselves.

I am Happy You Are Here!

I was born in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia and moved to Vancouver, Canada with my family in my early adolescence.

My curious mind and adventurous soul would take me on many different paths throughout life. Some, have helped eliminate the things I do NOT want. While others have helped align me with who I would become.

The DEEP questions about life and the SELF started at a very young age for me. I understood early on that most of us are just putting on a show, performing a persona that was created for us by sources outside of ourselves. This truth has always resonated with me and is one of the main reasons for my obsession with Self Discovery.

I have spent many years of my life seeking and exploring myself, peeling off layers of conditioning, and beliefs that didn't serve me. Failing, and making plenty of mistakes along the way, and still showing up time and time again. One thing is for certain; There is no quick fix or a perfect formula for the journey to yourself.

Being open to the possibilities, willing to face the hard truth about myself and continuing to show up even when it seems impossible has helped me build resillience and appriciate the process.

This is no accident !
I have a feeling you ended up on my page, because
you're seeking for the same answers.

How Did I Get Here...

For a long time,I just let the wind take me whichever way it blew. To be honest this isn't a terrible way to live, until it is!

I needed MORE out of life and immersed myself in reaching for more. More experiences, more skills, more knowledge, more fun, more relationships, more work, etc. Truly, the "MORE" deeply desired was the connection with my Being; Which i avoided at all costs. I spent a long time Doing more(because it was easier), and left the Being in the hands of tomorrow!

Don't get me wrong, I am grateful for the experiences life has afforded me but...

At some point I came to the realization that,
I was growing further and further apart from my core,
and allowing circumstances dictate my life.

Growing up
In an immigrant household, navigating two separate realities, teaches you a thing or two about playing a role. Mostly to keep the peace. but overtime going with the flow becomes a superpower you never asked for. And the more i aligned myself with the role, the harder it became to break away from.

I was fierce and unbothered at my best; Challenging the status quo in both my primary and secondary worlds. But, eventually I would exhaust myself to a point of submission (settling for neutral.) I thought I hate it there, but it got worst and I soon found myself playing small in order to make others feel comfortable, limiting how far I reach because I was scared of my potential, shutting down parts of me that sought for answers that truly mattered, and sticking to what's comfortable and tricking myself with the hopes of tomorrow yet again.

My Goal

My Tomorrow came in the form of some hardcore truth, and a lot of accumulated small steps. 
Yours will too, but you have to be ready for it! 

Most of us just want to be happy. Instead we find ourselves feeling stuck, restless, unfulfilled, anxious, disconnected, and furiously misunderstood. I've been there.

Over the years I have read  books, attended courses, workshops/seminars, and researched subjects related to Self Development,Meditation, Psychology, and the Mind. All in pursuit of  understanding myself better.My mission was to radically accept myself by challenging all that is me along with the BS of course. Many, many BS's later and putting a lot of what 
I've learnt into practice... I am still unraveling. I've spent a lot of time learning, and that's great, but I want to emphasize that the progress is really in the Being! The sooner you start incorporating  what you're learning into practice the sooner you'll start seeing the transformation.

Going through the Transformation Coaching journey has accelerated how I implement my knowledge and skills into practice. It has also intensified my desire to continue on this amazing path of discovery for myself, in addition to igniting a flame in me to help others do the same. I am in the driver's seat of my life and 
absolutely love it here! And I want to help you do the same. Let's get off auto-pilot, and transform our lives together!

I Stride With You.

Let's create a life filled with joy.

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