How are you feeling?

If you are anything like me you are feeling sick and tired of the current culture of perfectionism. Every turn you take and every move you make you are bombarded with images and messages telling you how you should be something/somebody else. I am here to remind you that you don't need to be anything else but yourself.
You are enough just the way you are.

I understand it's not easy to avoid the outside noise placing a heavy emphasis on perfection in many areas of life. From physical appearance and relationships to career success.Creating a pressure to constantly strive for unattainable standards, leaving us to feel inadequate in all areas of life. Which often leads to feelings of
self doubt, stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness.

However these unhealthy standards do not have to be our reality. The ultimate truth is that we are enough as we are. We all have our unique strengths, talents and qualities that make us special and worthy of love and acceptance. And instead of falling to the traps of society and allowing the rest of the word define who we are and who we should be, we can start to shift gears and focus on the inner self work. This means taking the time to get to know ourselves, to understand our own values and needs, to learn to love and accept ourselves as we are.

It's not Easy, but You are Not Alone

Self Discovery can be a challenging process. But it's an important process towards living a more authentic and fulfilling life. Learning to let go of the pressures to be perfect and focusing on your personal growth can begin to break the cycle of feeling stuck, lost and exhausted from constantly striving for unattainable standards. The journey to Self Discovery can help you to embrace your imperfections and make you realize that it is a natural part of who you are.

It can seem intimidating but You have what it takes.
And it is never too late to start focusing on your inner self work.

Coaching with me is about connecting you to your own resources and giving you tools to help you explore the power that is within you. My own journey to Self Discovery has thought me the exact thing I am here to share with you, that all the answers we seek reside in us. We might need a little help digging, but they are there! I can help you dig deeper to shed the layers of toxic conditioning that's keeping you stuck. As a result you can start creating a fulfilling life based on your own standards.

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